I’m keen on video editing: it is a great way of showcasing my work or the work of people I work with, and I always learn a lot by playing around with film making!

These past few years, I’ve collaborated a lot with Cali Rezo, a great abstract painter. Together, we’ve worked on several short movies to show here work (and brush my skills in CG render and video editing!).

Nid/Nest • June 2021

This 1′ movie is my latest collaboration with Cali Rezo. It gives you a tour of a virtual exhibit of her latest series of 7 paintings: “Nid/Nest”. The sequence was entirely made in CG with Blender with a photorealistic rendering style.

If you’re interested in seeing more CG painting showcases, make sure to check out my 3D projects page.

Cali Rezo • storyboard, scenography, textures
Mina Pêcheux • modelling, rendering, video editing, music

At work in my studio… • July 2020

Yet another video collab with Cali – this time, we wanted to make a short video that would show her work from a particular point of view: the texture and oiliness of her paint…

Cali Rezo • acting
Mina Pêcheux • storyboard, filming, editing

Sketchbooks • July 2019

In this other collaboration, Cali and I focused on her sketchbooks. Over the years, day after day, she’s filled dozens of them with amazing collages, prints, drawings, photos…

Cali Rezo • acting
Mina Pêcheux • storyboard, filming, editing

1′ in Cali Rezo’s Studio • August 2018

This short movie was made to show Cali at work in her studio. Here, we focus on a diptych she realized in the summer of 2018 – we see the whole creation process, from background preparation and texturing to the final shape drawing.

Cali Rezo • storyboard, acting, artistic performance
Mina Pêcheux • storyboard, filming, editing

Cali Rezo: Blockbuster Trailer • August 2018

This short 33″ trailer is a blockbuster-like movie the abstract painter Cali Rezo and I realized in 2018. We wanted to promote her work in an original way, and we were also interested in studying and mimicking common clichés in those types of trailers.

Cali Rezo • storyboard, acting
Mina Pêcheux • storyboard, filming, editing
Music from Jukedeck – Create your own at (deprecated)

Live Painting • August 2018

This is my first video collaboration with Cali Rezo. It was shot during the live painting session she held at the Guillemites gallery in April 2018, in Paris, as part of her 2-week solo exhibition (represented by the Paul Stewart Gallery). During this session, she made several paintings live, directly in front of the audience, to show people her usual work process.

Cali Rezo • artistic performance
Hubert de Lartigue • filming
Mina Pêcheux • filming, editing, music

While tinkering with 3D rendering and the Blender (a piece of free open-source 3D software), I occasionally made some very short basic gif videos.

Moon • May 2020

The moon is mysterious, it hides behind its cloak of clouds and blinks through the night… This small video was inspired by the 2019-Nodevember challenge.

Asteroid • May 2020

This is a small gif of an asteroid rotating around. It’s part of my little attempts at the 2019-Nodevember challenge.

Crystal • May 2020

Here is a strange crystal just floating about. It’s part of my little attempts at the 2019-Nodevember challenge.