AI & Art with Cali Rezo (1): Project & Goals

Nowadays, machine learning (ML) is a red-hot topic which is discussed everywhere in various ways. More and more companies are relying on AI as part of their production process, be it in the domain of finance, medicine, management, art… This last application of ML algorithms, in particular, is really interesting to me. And, since the great abstract painter Cali Rezo shares this interest, we decided we would collaborate on a project to study how to apply AI to art.

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Solving PDEs numerically: the finite element method (1)

The study of partial differential equations is a fascinating field of mathematics with many concrete applications, be it in physics, mechanics, meteorology, medicine, urbanism… Mathematicians model the world as equations to better understand it and, if possible, compute a theoretical solution to a physical problem. However, we can’t always get an analytical solution – for example if the geometry is too complex – and sometimes must rely on numerical methods to get an approximation.

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A peek at Markov chains

Last time, we introduced the basic concepts of our name generator and we saw how webcrawlers can help us gather information easily and efficiently. Now, it’s time to use this information to actually produce some words! To do so, we will rely on statistics and Markov chains.

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