Advent of Code

Moving some moons

This week, let’s continue exploring some concepts that the Advent of Code (AoC) challenges bring back to my memory. During Day 12 this year, Eric Wastl offered to examine how we could simulate a very basic newtonian system of 4 moons that attract each other and move in a periodic pattern over time. Just like for Day 15, I also made a little visualization to make the explanation a bit more catchy to the eye 🙂

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Exploring and traversing a maze…

A while ago, I mentioned that I was taking a deep interest into the “Advent of Code” (AoC) project by Eric Wastl. Since then, I’ve filled my dedicated Github repository quite a lot: I’ve worked on this year’s challenges both in Python and Javascript (Node JS), and I’ve also started to take a look at some challenges from 2018. Recently, one of the challenge was about maze exploration and traversal and it re-acquainted me with interesting algorithmic concepts.

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Advent of Code

Lately, a friend of mine introduced me to Advent of Code, a project of online programming challenges by Eric Wastl. Since 2015, every year, he has been posting a series of programming puzzles all throughout December; this “Advent calendar of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels” always revolves around a Christmas-themed storyline and offers you an opportunity to learn new algorithms, programming languages or various tips & tricks.

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