Discover the Caliscope!

How would you like to browse paintings in an interactive and yet intuitive way on your phone? The Caliscope is an online very lightweight web app that lets you swipe through dozens of abstract paintings with only a cube… but thanks to the magic of virtualization, this cube can have more than 6 faces!

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Nodevember #1

Last November, the Nodevember event took place. This event focuses on doing procedural rendering with 3D software and it offers daily-themed challenges: the goal is to start with the simplest possible 3D model (a cube, a sphere…) and to create amazing visuals only with nodes and procedural shading.

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Moving some moons

This week, let’s continue exploring some concepts that the Advent of Code (AoC) challenges bring back to my memory. During Day 12 this year, Eric Wastl offered to examine how we could simulate a very basic newtonian system of 4 moons that attract each other and move in a periodic pattern over time. Just like for Day 15, I also made a little visualization to make the explanation a bit more catchy to the eye 🙂

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