I’m a freelance full-stack software engineer. I work with various frameworks such as ReactJS, VueJS and nuxt.js for web development or React Native for mobile development. In terms of backend, I am familiar with Python-libs and packages like Django, Tornado or Flask. I’ve also done some small games in vanilla HTML/CSS/Javascript and PHP backends. Finally, I’ve realized some projects with the Unity game engine.

I’ve been programming since I was a kid – and, of course, I first started by doing some websites with basic web tech. Now, years later, I’m still working on websites but also on responsive apps, mobile content, museum interactive installations…

I’ve been playing games since I was 3, and I’ve always loved to deconstruct and analyze them to better understand what makes them fun. I enjoy finding the reason a game ticks, and I believe game development is an opportunity to learn about plenty of various domains (image creation, post-processing, music, sound design, algorithmics, narratives and story-telling…) and be part of an awesome community!

How to make an RTS game in Unity?

Let’s learn how to implement the various systems that make up a real-time strategy game in the well-known game engine Unity! Throughout this series of tutorials, we will explore C# scripting for games, GUI building, event systems, sound optimisation…

Unity • C#

Throughout my studies, I’ve had the chance to discover the facinating new field of AI. After doing some hands-on data science projects, I’m now gradually shifting to sharing my thoughts on AI and society and exploring how it can support other domains, such as art.

Just because having a well-furnished toolbox is such a joy! I’m keen on those small standalone programs that perfectly perform one narrow task – and I think they’re a really sweet way of brushing up my skills with a programming language I’m less knowledgeable in… or just having fun with some short and well-defined objectives!