Cali Rezo – Paris, France

Cali is an abstract painter. She is developing her own universe, inspired by nature as well as other artists she admires (Fabienne Verdier, Pierre Soulages, André Marfaing) and has decided to focus on monochrome black and whites. She studies both the sign and the textures as is clearly demonstrated with her carefully prepared paintings’ backgrounds.

Les Fées Spéciales – Montpellier, France

The French cooperative society Les Fées Spéciales produces animation movies, short films and interactive art works. Their goal is to promote free innovative creation and also to educate next generations in their domain of expertise through the means of courses and internships.

LabGenius – London, England

LabGenius is a start-up based in London which developed an evolution cycle that uses AI to discover valuable proteins. They have partnerships with world-renowned companies to product new proteins; over here, passionate biologists team up with engineers in data science, machine learning or automation to invent incredible new solutions to issues in the medical or healthcare domains!

Signal Arnaques – Troyes, France

A few years ago, Anthony Legros and Jean-Baptiste Boisseau created an online database of scams and frauds. Thanks to users all around the world, this participative website,, is now a search engine that lists over 250 000 scams of various types: phishing, job scams, fraudulent sites… Our collaboration on their new product ScamDoc brought machine learning to their toolbox, and they now offer a free online service that uses AI to predict a scam score for emails and websites.

Mensia Technologies – Paris, France

This start-up specialized in neurofeedback, meaning the study of brain activity to help analyze and regulate patients. They focused on non-invasive treatment for many central nervous system disorders (for example, ADHD).

Polytech Sorbonne – Paris, France

The Polytech Sorbonne School of Engineering is located on the Pierre and Marie Curie – Sorbonne University campus. It is also part of the Polytech network that consists of 14 Schools all over France and offers a great number of formations in maths, physics, chemistry, robotics, computer science, agribusiness… – Paris, France is a start-up that offers an innovative and efficient Auto-ML solution to facilitate the life of data scientists and enthusiasts! It aims at making AI and ML available for anyone by providing user-friendly tools for data processing, AI models training and apps deployment.