Although my main job is about software architecture and engineering, I’m also fond of CGI: I do some 3D modelling and I enjoy designing environments to show in CG renders.

All of my CG-related content is also available on my Instagram: @minapecheuxcg.

CGI allows me to create fictitious places of all sorts – for now, I’ve mostly worked on photorealistic rendering and I’ve leveraged Blender’s Cycles render engine to create pictures as lifelike as possible…

Even though I never went to an art school, I’ve been fiddling with 3D for several years now; I’m fascinated by photorealistic design but I also enjoy low-poly modelling.

Overall, 3D modelling is, to me, an incredible tool for world-building and I always love finding the proper way to recreate some everyday-life object as a neat 3D asset…

To see all my 3D models and get some, you can check out my CG Trader or Turbosquid accounts!