Making a RTS game #53: Final words, thanks… and an ebook! (Unity/C#)

This is the end… of “phase 1”! 🙂

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Here we are, my friends – today, after a year of tutorials, I’m writing the final episode of the “phase 1” of my RTS series in Unity/C#! Throughout these 52+ articles, I’ve discussed how to sketch out a skeleton of a RTS game, and in the process I’ve met a lot of cool people and I learnt plenty.

So, today, I want to do a little retrospective on this “phase 1″… and share with you the ebook bundle I made to recap this year-long of tutorials! If you want to support my work, re-discover the series and get some original stories, code snippets and sources, then check it out on Gumroad:


Ok – first things first: I want to thank all of you for following me all this time and sharing your feedback and your thoughts! During this last year, I had the chance to meet a lot of really nice readers 🙂

So thank you NeXuS, Chung-Tai, Evan, Anthony, Matthew, Maxime, Glenn, UltraDOOMslaya, Denver Nova, Philip, Subhash, Pascal, Jakob, SeaSharp, Vanak, Alex and many more for taking such a real interest, and for suggesting various fixes or improvements…

And thanks to my friends and family, too, for their continuous support!

All these contributions were invaluable to making the series more readable, robust and all around better 😉

A retrospective… and a peek at what’s ahead!

In this series, we’ve talked of how to implement lots of systems: units with a basic AI using behaviour trees, cameras, a fog of war, VFX, sounds and music, tech trees, editor tools…

My goal was not necessarily to offer prod-ready versions of all those mechanics; rather, I wanted to offer a quick peek at various common dev patterns. I’ve also tried to hint at possible improvements or extra features so that readers could go further and expand on those subjects on their own.

But despite the systems being sometimes quite crude, writing these RTS tutorials was an amazing opportunity for me to brush up on my Unity skills and explore new ideas. The really involved mechanics like the AI behaviour trees or the custom game settings Inspector were obviously very interesting to make and discuss; but smaller interludes like the one on the healthbars and the shaders were also a nice way to have a go at smaller-sized features and discover a side topic.

All in all, I feel like this year of Unity tutorials taught me a lot on C#, Unity and game dev in general. I’m glad I managed to keep a steady pace, and that so many of you readers enjoyed the tutorial through and through!

I consider this RTS series to be sort of a “Unity Game Dev 101” course for game dev enthusiasts who want to take a look at Unity with a concrete case example; but there are of course plenty of topics I haven’t had the chance to touch upon in those 52+ episodes!

So, next year, I plan on:

  • posting new “spin-offs” to this RTS tutorial series, probably on pretty narrow topics or specific systems, but not necessarily every Thursday…
  • … because this spot will soon be taken by my “Unity Game Dev 201” course: “How to make a hack’n’slash game in Unity/C#”, where I’ll focus on another genre but also discuss more advanced Unity tools or dev patterns

Again, the goal will not be to get a production-ready game, I will primarily focus on drafting various systems and treating a wide variety of topics. But this “year-2 game prototype” will be a bit more advanced than this first RTS one…

So I really hope some of you will continue this journey with me and embark on the “year 2” adventure to learn how to make a hack’n’slash, and to become even more fluent in Unity programming 🙂

Rediscover the series as an ebook!

In the meantime, if you want to re-discover this series of RTS tutorials at your own pace, and with extra contents, then take a look at the ebook I just published: “Let’s make a RTS game in Unity/C#”!

In this ebook (available as an EPUB, a PDF or even HTML), I’ve regrouped all of the 52 episodes and 4 interludes, plus I’ve added some original articles and additional references about RTS and game dev 🙂

The base package with all of these is available for only €9.99 on Gumroad – so if you wish to read unpublished stories, support my work and show your interest in the series, don’t hesitate to take a look and get your own copy!

For Ukraine: 50% of the profits — To support our courageous friends from Ukraine, half of the profits on this ebook are donated to Unicef!

Then, if you want even more, you can get the “tier 2” package with all of the above, plus some low-poly building, character and environment models that you can directly use to populate your RTS Unity scenes:

Finally, for the ever-more passionate, the “tier 3” package contains all the previous contents, plus 2 UI sets to quickly design an interface and bring your RTS game to the next level…

Final words

This year was an incredible adventure, and I have no doubt the next one will teach me a lot more! So I really hope you enjoyed this series and will continue following the next one 🙂

And on that note: as usual, thanks a lot for reading and feel free to share your feedback and ideas for future tutorials in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Making a RTS game #53: Final words, thanks… and an ebook! (Unity/C#)”

  1. Thanks a lot for this series I still need to finish, working on it from time to time! Hack’n Slash is one of my favourite game type, so can’t wait to follow your work on this as well. 100% going to buy your e-book to support your hard work and commitment to make our learning journey a bit easier and entertaining!

    1. Well: thanks to you for following the series and for your support! I’m really happy you found the tutorial interesting (and also big thanks for buying the ebook ^^) – and I hope you’ll find the Hack’n’slash one just as good… it’s one of my favourite genres too so I’m looking forward to sharing some ideas and discussing with the readers about this new “game skeleton” 😀

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