The Enemy of my Enemy…

How I tried to exorcise my love for the Netflix ‘Arcane’ series…

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Last week, I finished binge-watching Netflix’s world-wide phenomenon: Arcane. And just like everyone — or so it seems — , I fell in love with this masterpiece by Riot and Fortiche. The characters, the story, the visuals, the design, the songs… everything in this series is just top-notch perfect, and I can’t recommend it enough if you haven’t yet had the chance to have a look!

A warning, though: it’s by no means a child’s tale.

The series is brilliant in many ways, but most specifically in how it’s able to treat adult and strong themes in a deep and powerful way. So yep — you’d better be ready to hurt and feel the pain if you enter the streets of Piltover…

All this to say that, after finishing Act III, I sort of lied in my couch for a while, incapable of thinking of something else. I was completely obsessed by the images and the musics, and I just couldn’t break free from the spell.

So I decided I’d dive into it completely — and try to have my own take on the opening song, ‘Enemy’ (by Imagine Dragons & JID).

I’ve already had some fun with musical covers in the past, and even though I’m no professional musician, I always find musical arrangement, recording and editing sessions to be a challenge but also a unique moment that just takes you out of the world.

But this time, it was about getting all these emotions out of my head, and creating something new from all this blur of thoughts. That’s why I took it one step further and also worked on a musical video. It was the first time I edited this sort of video, so it was a great opportunity to learn something new and improve my video editing skills!

I still can’t tell if it’s worked, and if I’m “cured” from my Arcane frenzy…

Nope. Truth be told: I’ll have to extract more before Zaun’s out of my system 🙂

Anyway: I hope you’ll like it (both the music and the clip)! And as usual, feel free to react in the comments to give me your feedback 😉

Note: also, don’t hesitate to tell me if you’d like more info on how I did either the music or the video… this could lead to other articles with more details on the tech stuff 😉

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