Iso-landscape: Canada Dry

A little render of a toon-styled Canadian forest made in 3D!

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Last week, I showed my first iso-landscape render, a little sunny country forest scene. Here is another one, still of a forest but this time with Canadian maples!

Again, I went for a toon-like render, pretty blocky shapes and an isometric camera viewpoint.

About this render…

Overall, the workflow for this iso-landscape was very similar to the one for the first render: I first prepared the “tiled” ground, then I added some basic trees and rocks.

To keep the “play-dough” effect, I added bevels to most of the object in the scene.

Also, the frozen water ponds were made using curves and boolean modifiers: after defining the shape of the ponds, I extruded the contour; I could then use this contour to cut a hole in the ground.

However, compared to the country forest, I spent a bit more time setting up material colours. It was pretty interesting to play around with tints of gray and then increase the contrast with red tones 😉


This new 3d scene was a nice opportunity to work on colours and set dressing. I also had fun with some modifiers both for bevels and booleans, which was quite cool!

I hope you’ll like this new iso-landscape! And if you want to discover more of my CG stuff, feel free to check out my dedicated Instagram 🙂

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