Some (free) building assets for my RTS tutorial!

Today, discover some basic buildings I made to populate my RTS tutorial scene 🙂

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For several months, now, I’ve been posting every week a new episode of my series on how to make a RTS (real-time strategy) game in Unity/C#. The tutorial mostly focuses on the programming / game design part – so if you’re interested in the core mechanics, be sure to check them out!

But today, for a change, I want to share some basic 3D assets that I modelled in Blender: those are just two simple buildings that make for a nicer visual in the demos 😉

🚀 You can download those assets for free in the project repository, on my Github (in the .fbx format)!

The house

In my RTS series, for now, the “house” is the main building: it is what players start off with (a house is automatically placed on the terrain for you when the game starts) and it allows you to create another unit, the “soldier”.

The design is vaguely inspired by typical viking/northern game buildings, like what you have in the recent and acclaimed Valheim for example:

“Valheim : 5 millions de jeux vendus, encore de gros chiffres dévoilés” (image from Gamergen:

I kept the idea of having large beams on the sides of the building to support the structure, and all woody/plank walls:

Important note: the materials and textures that are used in these renders are just examples; I use different ones in the game that are set in Unity directly and not re-imported from Blender. You can see the “final” materials in the first screenshot at the top of the article, or in the last part of the article.

Here are a few additional views of the building in orthographic view – it’s important to check it out this way too to make sure that the silhouette is still recognisable and “readable” even when we flatten out the perspective!

Also, you’ll notice that there is a large red band at the top of the building. This is a specific material slot that is important for the asset when in-game: it lets us “colour” the building with a player colour to easily identify who owns the building.

The tower

The “tower” is the other building that players can build in my RTS, for now. It’s a simple building that produces some in-game resources and is less costly than the house.

Ultimately, it might be also a defensive structure that can shoot arrows to the enemies, for example…

A preview of the assets in the game

Of course, since those assets are used for a RTS game, you’ll rarely see them up-close… In my game, I have an aerial camera with an orthographic view (if you want more details, there’s an article dedicated to this in the tutorial!), so I had to make sure that my assets would work from this point of view, too.

Here is a little demo of the game with those assets:

Well – these assets are not yet great game art, they’re crude and simple, but they’re already a nice addition to the project and they are way better than the cubes we had so far 😉

I hope you’ll like them – and of course, feel free to tell me if you have ideas of other buildings or styles I could try for RTS 3D models!

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