Virtual gallery #7: Pink sunshine

Discover a virtual Parisian gallery made entirely in CG lit by a sweet sunrise!

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To follow up last week’s CG render of the virtual gallery that I am currently building with Cali Rezo to showcase her artwork, here is a new contemplative video of the sun bathing some paintings.

Once again, this is a nice opportunity to take the complete opposite of our first gallery renders: instead of pacing around to show the entire architecture, here we rather wanted to get the viewers to rest for a while in front of the paintings.

This 10-seconds movie exhibits 2 paintings by Cali (100x100cm) in a nice pinkish sunrise light – make sure to watch until the end! 🙂

About this render…

All in all, the workflow was pretty similar to the one for the previous renders of the virtual gallery.

However, we had to spent a bit more time finding a nice HDRI to get this new atmosphere. Just like last time, we went to – then, we actually played a bit with the compositing and the colour balance to get more of “pinkish” tones (compared to our other movies).

We are still using quite a monochromatic colour scheme, but it’s more in the reds than the yellows 😉

Also, we re-used the trick of adding plants to make the scene more lifelike!

Finally, similarly to the previous render, it was important to find a nice camera frame because the entire shot stays still with this viewpoint. Our goal was to mostly focus the attention on the two paintings, but also to show people that these paintings are within the gallery, that there is a context to this image. That’s why we zoomed out a bit and framed the bench and the stairs rail on the sides: it helps place the render in an actual scenery.


This render was a good example of how playing around with colours can get you out of your comfort zone: neither Cali nor I were really used to having such red tones in our images, so this constraint was an interesting way of glancing at this familiar (although virtual) place with different eyes!

I hope you like this render and the rest of the series! As usual, feel free to react in the comments and, if you want to keep updated with our projects, you can follow Cali on her Instagram or me on the various social networks 🙂

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