Virtual gallery #5: Peeking upstairs

Discover a virtual Parisian gallery made entirely in CG!

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These past few weeks, Cali Rezo have been working on building her a virtual gallery in Blender to showcase her paintings. We’ve shown it through various pictures and short movies and you’ve gradually discovered the exterior, the main hall and the backroom of this fictitious place.

Today, let’s take a tour upstairs and peek at the rest of the space…

This short movie (18″) starts in the corridor – where we exhibit Cali’s small-sized work – and takes us up to see the series of 100x100cm paintings upstairs. Make sure to watch until the end! 🙂

About this render…

In the previous episode from this series, I talked about specular maps and how they were crucial to making a more photorealistic render of the paintings in the backroom. This is once again very true for this new movie!

Be it in the second shot where the camera rises or in the final sequence, when we do a travelling on the paintings, all the reflections and light spots in the shapes are essential to accurately show the glossiness of the oil Cali uses. Note however that we once again stayed away from bump maps, so we don’t completely represent all the textures, ridges and valleys in her paintings…

Like before, animating the camera was quite a challenge to get interesting but smooth shots; I worked quite a bit on the animation curves to keep the “soothing” feel we’ve been aiming for with Cali all throughout these renders.

The lighting was pretty noteworthy, too. This movie goes from the corridor, which has got dim lights with a somewhat yellow tint, to the pieces exhibited upstairs under strong orangeish spots. Although the overall colour scheme is still fairly analogous, Cali and I had to think hard about how to best create those two ambiances and have them complement each other.

By the way – as usual, here is also a little version of the movie in “previz mode”, i.e. with only textures and no lighting:

Also: to mark this first “package” of 5 videos, we decided to add some fade out and end credits in this movie – so I had to do a little bit of video editing, which was really cool! 🙂


This new render was again full of surprises and interesting learnings: I had to tweak my animation curves precisely to get nice camera movements, we played around with light intensity and colour to create various ambiances and I even did some video editing!

You’ve now seen most of our virtual gallery – we really hope you like it! 😉

Feel free to react in the comments and, if you want to keep updated with our projects, you can follow Cali on her Instagram or me on the various social networks…

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