Virtual gallery #3: Discovering the hall

Discover a virtual Parisian gallery made entirely in CG!

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How about a new glance at the virtual gallery that Cali Rezo and I are working on at the moment to showcase her paintings? 🙂

In the previous articles, we talked about the project goals and we showed a little movie of the gallery hall from the outside (looking through the windows). This time, we’re finally getting in…

Here’s a 12”-movie of the gallery hall (from the inside!) – make sure to watch until the end!

This sequence was also meant to focus more on the Cali’s statement (her manifesto, in French or in English):

Note: if you want to see it in high quality, you can check out her website 😉

About this render…

Because we knew we wanted the counter to be in the foreground and play with the depth of field effect, we modelled several new items and placed them there: some white catalogues and a pile of flyers.

Also, for this render, we once again took advantage of Blender‘s previz feature to tweak and improve the animation (both in terms of rhythm and framing) – here you can see the previz version without any lighting, but with textures and the depth of field effect:

It’s pretty fun to see how getting rid of the lighting also completely removes the night-time scenery: here, it feels like we’re shooting the scene in the middle of the day!

In order to get a smooth slow down at the end of the camera rotation, I worked a bit on the animation curves to ease out the movement and avoid too harsh discontinuities. So rather than having linear interpolations (i.e. going from one start position to one end position at a steady rate), I squished the end of the movement to slow down the rotation at the end of the curve….

The big difficulty for this render was finding an interesting point of view for the camera; at first, we were hesitant to “jump” from the outside to behind the counter – but eventually we realised that it allowed us to show more of the gallery without losing the viewer too much 😉


This render was again a great experience that helped me improve my CG skills! I had to learn how animation curves work, do a bit of modelling and think about camera placement.

I’m really happy to see how this series is evolving – how about you, do you like it so far? 🙂

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