Iso-architecture #3: The bedroom

A new animated, textured and cinematographically lit small isometric room!

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Today, here’s a new isometric room to continue my series on 3d isometric architectural design. Like in the two previous renders, I took some references and tried to mix them in an original way with a day-versus-night scene animation, all made in Blender.

So here is my third iso-architecture creation – make sure to watch until the end 🙂

And as usual, some additional still shots of the “finished” day and night scenes:

About this render…

Once again, I had the same workflow as for the previous renders (the isometric living room and kitchen). I used CC0 resources for various props, then modelled the rest of the objects myself (like the laptop, the lamp and the garland), and I auto-generated assets from the Archimesh package for the panel windows.

For this scene, I mostly played with lights for image composition: by having the small bedside lamp be at the opposite of the desktop screen but on the same diagonal in the room, you get a better overall stability.

Finally, the render predominantly uses oranges, browns and reds; this analogous colour scheme gives a feel of quiet and tranquility that, I think, really suits a bedroom.


This project continues to teach me a lot in 3d! To make this image, I once again had to improve my skills in image composition; I also worked quite a lot on interior design to properly place the models in the scene, and I had quite some fun with lighting (mixing up a “basic” paper lamp, a garland and the computer screen).

I hope you like it! So – do you have some ideas of other rooms I could make next? Feel free to react in the comments, or on my Instagram! 😉

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