Virtual Gallery #1: A sneak-peek

Discover a virtual Parisian gallery made entirely in CG!

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Ever since May 2021, Cali Rezo and I have been working on various ways of showcasing her paintings using CGI and 3D renders. We’ve first made a short 1′-movie for her latest series of paintings, “Nid/Nest”; since then we’ve designed several photorealistic interior scenes to exhibit her artwork.

These images were a real treat to make for me – I learnt a lot in modelling, lighting, texturing image composition and so much more! Overall, it was an amazing opportunity to improve my skills in 3D. And to be clear: we don’t plan on stopping! 🙂

But we’re also looking for new, different ideas to show Cali’s paintings.

And so, we’ve decided to embark on yet another adventure: the making of a virtual gallery dedicated to exhibiting her work. It’s a fictitious place that we set in a pseudo-Parisian ambiance. Today, we invite you for a sneak-peek; a short mouth-watering teaser (3″) to give you a feel for this new place…

About this project…

Just like for our previous 3D creations, I’ll use Blender throughout this project, the free and open-source 3D software. Thanks to its Cycles render engine, you can have physical-based rendering (aka PBR) and impressively lifelike images.

Also, we’ve gone back to various websites for CC0 contents, in particular for the textures and HDRI Haven for the scene global illumination environment map.

Compared to our still images, or the short animations we made these past couple of weeks, there is a lot more in this scene. However, every object except for the spots are hand-made.

Finally, in terms of lighting, we are relying much more on spot lights than in our previous images. Whereas the painting showcases usually had more of an ambient or sun light, because most homes are lit by global lights, this gallery is quite different: in galleries and in museums, it is much more common to have spots directed at the art pieces and to have those spots be visible on the ceiling. This allows for different types of shadows and focus points, but it also requires us to insure the position and rotation of the spots makes sense with the lights, otherwise the viewer’s will see something’s off.


This new project is just as exciting as the painting showcases one – I see lots of challenges up ahead that will teach me a lot about various parts of the 3D pipeline! Moreover, this time, we have to actually work on the architecture of the gallery as well as what’s inside.

Finally, I’m sure we’ll need to come up with plenty of ideas to show what’ve modelled in an appealing and interesting way, so I’ll have to brush up our filming and video editing skills too!

All in all, I can already foresee a big but oh-so fascinating projects that will once again have me touch upon so many fields… 🙂

I hope you like this first glance at the virtual gallery and that you’ll be interested in seeing more. Don’t hesitate to react in the comments to tell me what you think of this new project! And if you want to follow our news and content, you can follow Cali on her Instagram, or me on my socials 😉

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