CGI Painting Showcase #7: Under construction…

See this animated CGI painting showcase get built before your eyes!

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Cali Rezo are still working on our CG painting showcases project – this time, we’ve decide to go for an animation again, but this one shows you how the scene builds up gradually from an empty space up to the final picture.

This new render features Cali’s 80 x 160 cm painting entitled: “T-036-2018”. Make sure to watch until the end! 🙂

And here is a still shot of the final image, which includes Cali’s post-processing (as always, a bit of brightness/contrast adjustments and a vignetting):

About this render…

In our previous render, we worked on animating the sun and global illumination of the 3d scene to make a nice and interesting short movie. Even though it’s also an animation, here, in comparison, we were far closer to our regular process – we designed a single image, the final picture we were aiming for, and only at the end did we hide some objects to get the “emptier versions”.

The real challenge this time was, you probably guessed it, making the stairs on the left. The design in itself was pretty straight-forward: neither of us is a fan of over-decorated furniture so I fortunately avoided the modelling of complex handrails! But the work is, as is often the case, in the subtle details… If you look carefully, you’ll see that the steps of the stairs aren’t basic cubes – they have lots of dents, imperfections, cracks and bumps; all those little “mistakes” and erosions that make the whole thing more believable.

We also had to find a good angle for the sun light to highlight the details of the stairs in a pleasing way while managing our floor material – since we decided to pick a material that has more reflections than in the previous images of this series, we had to make sure we wouldn’t get blinding light spots in embarrassing places.

Finally, compared to our previous renders, we went for a more exaggerated colour scheme, too. Whereas most of the last images mostly used analogous palettes of yellows and oranges (and sometimes a bit of green), this picture plays with a dual blue/orange complementary scheme to better bring the attention to the painting but still get a calm and soothing atmosphere. Note that because we also have the green leaves, we’re actually using more of a split complementary, or even triadic scheme…

Note: I’ve already mentioned it in a recent 3d article but if you’re interested in understanding colour, you should definitely check out Andrew Price’s video on the topic!

In the end, we rendered 6 still frames with more or less objects visible in the scenes, we added the final post-processed image to the lot and I did a little bit of video editing to add cross-fades in-between each of them.


Once again, this render was an amazing opportunity to learn more about 3d and CGI renders! This image really had me focus more on image composition, colours and small details modelling, especially in the stairs.

If you’d like to see more of Cali’s work, be sure to check out her Instagram; to keep in touch and not to miss the next renders to come, you can also follow me on my social accounts 🙂

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