CGI Painting Showcase #6: Watching the sun’s course

Today, here’s a new painting showcase made with CG… and it’s animated!

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For the past few weeks, the abstract painter Cali and I have been working on a new project: the creation of various CGI renders (using the open-source 3d soft Blender) to show here paintings in various imaginary places.

Our goal is to make images that are as realistic as possible – for more details on the project and our previous realisations, you can take a look at the first article in this series 😉

This time, we wanted to go one step further: we wanted to have a short animation of our scene! We eventually produced a 5 seconds-sequence that is a timelapse of the sun running through the day and lighting up this simple living room. We also took this opportunity to have a shot somewhat closer to Cali’s painting than on our previous renders, so it is more attention-grabbing.

The painting featured in this animation is entitled: “T-035-19”.

Here’s the animation as a gif — wait and see it cycle through! 😉

And here is also a still shot of a frame we particularly liked and used as our starting point to design the scene; this image was slightly post-processed by Cali to add a vignetting and some overall brightness:

About this render…

Of course, switching from a single image to a short animation implied some additional work. In particular, we had to find an interesting and likeable path for the light so that it would remain engaging throughout the entire sequence, and would keep the focus on the objects we wanted.

Another key point of this image, although it might seem secondary at first glance, was the piece of clothing on the right. It gives a more cozy ambiance to the scene and helps bring it to life. And this little blanket had me working on clothing simulation in Blender which I’d wanted to do for a while 🙂

And finally, the branches on the left were a nice touch that Cali suggested would balance out the image. From a technical point of view, I actually starting out from a single vertex, extruded it to fit a photo of branches we had as reference and finally added the “Skin” modifier to transform the vertices into an actual volume.


Once again, this image taught me a lot about CG renders (especially the cloth and lighting) and 3d modelling (for the plant and the bottom part of the couch). The top of the couch is, however, a CC0 model from Blendswap.

I hope you like this animated painting showcase — if you do, feel free to leave a comment and follow Cali or me on Instagram to keep up to date with our renders 😉

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