CGI Painting Showcase #5: Around the fireplace…

Here is a new painting showcase using CG!

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Cali Rezo and I are still working on our collaborative project to showcase of her paintings using CG renders! As I’ve explained in the previous articles, our goal with this new adventure is to create photorealistic images thanks to 3d software (namely Blender) that display Cali’s paintings in fictitious locations, but while making the result as lifelike as possible.

The last image was a bit colder than the rest; even if it was very interesting to make, we wanted to go back to the happy “warm” ambiances we had for the first three renders. So we decided on a mid-day scene in another living room. The overall style is inspired by Japanese houses (especially the paper panels in the windows), although the furniture is more western.

The render features two 100 cm x 100 cm paintings by Cali: “T-005-21” (top) and “T-006-21” (bottom).

About this render…

This image was a bit more tricky to make than the previous ones! Modelling the space in itself wasn’t too hard (big thanks to Cali for liking simple modern fireplaces without too much mouldings!), but it wasn’t as easy to bring life to this place.

Once again, we used some plant shadows to make it more realistic and we also added thin bars in the windows to make the light projections more interesting to look at (instead of being plain blank squares).

Then, we added the sofa and the firewall – this allowed us to defocus the viewer’s eye from the fireplace and bring it back to the paintings; in comparison, earlier renders gave an exaggerated importance to the fireplace:

An early render – the fireplace is sticking out a lot and taking much of our focus off the paintings…

But the real challenge was with the wooden beams on the ceiling! In order to get a photorealistic scene, we had to make sure to add enough imperfections, weird cuts and small details to make it plausible. Here is a little “before and after” side-by-side collage of this specific step:

The difference is quite subtle in some places but it’s really important for the human eye to have all those “errors” to catch on – it’s what make the whole thing “real” to us 😉

Cali and I also worked quite a lot on materials and textures because we had to find matching wood and concrete to get this “ancient but cozy” vibe we were aiming for.

For the curious ones, here is a little timelapse of our various renders, up to the final image:


As always, this project is an amazing way of improving my skills in 3D modelling, rendering, UV mapping, texturing, lighting… and so much more!

If you want to keep in touch, don’t hesitate to follow Cali on her Instagram, or me on the various social platforms 🙂

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