CGI Painting Showcase #4: Coffee time

Today, here’s a new CG render of an abstract painting!

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Cali and I are still going at our project on how to showcase her paintings using 3d rendering (with Blender)! After the three first images (see here, here and here), we are now looking for different ambiances and other styles to play with. It’s interesting for me because it forces me to find new lighting setups and to model other sorts of props. But it’s also a way of displaying Cali’s paintings in various environments so as to show how nicely they fit in all kinds of places…

So, to change a bit from the rest of the series, we decided to have more of a modern “grayscale” style – still, the coffee pot and the book keep it cozy and familiar 😉

This image features Cali’s 100 cm x 100 cm painting entitled “T-036-19”.

About this realization…

This time, we wanted to get a different lighting for our scene. To do that, I switched up for another HDRI map that is actually for a snow scene; by keeping quite an open space (there are actually no walls behind the camera) and having this other HDRI that is way whiter than the previous ones, we instantly get a very different feel for the room. Also, we went for a zenithal light to better bring the painting out and to get to tweak some nice shadows.

Then, by adding some CC0 props like the models of Le Corbusier’s armchair or the monstera plant on the left, we make the room more alive and friendly.

And finally, I modeled all the small objects: the rug, the spots, the coffee maker, the cups and the book. They aren’t very complex shapes but they make the entire scene more lifelike and help with immersion.

Finally, Cali did a little bit of post-processing on the final CG render to add the smoke on the cup, add some imperfections in the rug or otherwise emphasise some areas.


To recap all our CG renders so far, here is a little montage of the four pictures side by side:

Now that we’re slowly familiarising ourselves with the tool and a workflow for making those images, Cali and I plan on exploring new styles and ideas!

If you’d like to see more of Cali’s work, be sure to check out her Instagram; to keep in touch and not to miss the next renders to come, you can also follow me on my social accounts 🙂

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