CGI Painting Showcase #3: A quiet afternoon

Today, here’s yet another painting CG render!

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Since last week, Cali and I have been working on showcasing her paintings using 3d software. As I explained in the previous articles, the goal is to use this amazing tool that is CG to create photorealistic ambiances in fictitious places. This a way for Cali to exhibit her work in wider spaces that she has access to, and for me to learn a lot about CG rendering!

For this third picture, we went back to a more quiet and intimist setting. Compared to the second image, the space is smaller – even though we kept the same degree of minimalism to get a consistent series of images 😉

Cali’s work is a 120 cm x 120 cm painting: “T-003-21”.

This image was realised using the same techniques as before, and with similar tips and tricks:

  • a full day of work on the lighting and the shadows (especially with the plants that had to project nice shadows on the wall)
  • a few additional hours to add some props like the lamp that helps balance the left side of the image against the right in terms of luminosity, or the rug with its little imperfections
  • a bit of textures preparation by Cali and then shader setup by me to get some roughness on the painting and better capture its real bumps and cracks

If you’d like more details on this particular shader setup, I encourage you to take a look at my article on our latest video collaboration on her series “Nid/Nest” where I explain how we got this nice render for her paintings 🙂

I hope you’ll like this painting as well as the others! Also, we definitely have other ideas we want to try out – so if you’re interested, make sure to follow us: either Cali on her Instagram or me through my social accounts…

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