RTS Timelapse #1: Making a wood plank texture (Krita)

How to use Krita to resize an image and make a game texture…

“Asset Day”: every other week, on Friday, I post a little timelapse or mini-post on how to create a specific game asset for the RTS project I develop throughout my Unity RTS programming tutorial.

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Today, here is a timelapse of how I made a wood plank texture for my RTS game in Krita.

The timelapse

I started from a free texture available online at https://freestocktextures.com/photos-wood/ and worked on it to make it wider and mitigate the repetitive patterns. After copying the original image to get my final width, I used the “Clone Tool” to gradually recreate a continuous texture wherever copies overlapped in non-seamless ways.

This allows me to get something way more “plain” that is really neat for UI backgrounds in my game 😉

(Music by the author)

The result in the game

After integrating the texture in my game UI (the crude one we developed in my last RTS programming tutorial), I get a cool wood background that already enhances the overall feel of my game quite well!

The tool: Krita

Krita is a free and open-source painting program that is very rich and full of features. I like the whole open-source philosophy and, in my opinion, it provides just as many tools and utilities as an Adobe Photoshop does – but then again, I am not a professional 2D artist so perhaps I don’t realize it lacks an essential functionality?

To me, it’s an amazing free tool that I’m far from having explored entirely: you can do basic image editing, more complex painting, frame-by-frame animation, vector or brush-based art and even Python scripting!

So go ahead and check it out next time you need an asset for your project! 🙂

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