I participated in a podcast!

Hi everyone! Today, something a bit special: I recently had the chance to participate in a podcast called “CodeTalkers“. Here is the link to the recording and a quick debrief of this amazing experience.

Less than a month ago, I received an out-of-the-blue email from Martin Jakubik, a developer in robotics at SAP who is also co-host on a podcast: CodeTalkers. He invited me to participate in the podcast after reading my article on no-code. This podcast, that started in March 2020, was created by Martin and his long-time friend Mark Ghose who’s an entrepreneur and management consultant; it aims at exploring the impact of technology on our societies. There are already over 20 episodes of roughly half an hour each, some with just the two of them, others with additional guests… overall it’s just a pool of ideas and nice people!

They’ve talked to people from all around the world that come from various companies (both small startups like Unqork or Kwola.io and big ones such as Google or Microsoft) and they’ve discussed plenty of topics: quantum computing, work remotely at the age of Covid, women in tech, the rise and applications of AI…

So a couple of weeks back, we recorded my interview on the topic of no-code for the podcast. You can listen to it over here:


I really enjoyed all the prep before and the interview itself: we let the mic on for an hour and we just talked about no-code through a small series of questions. I’m also very glad they contacted me and offered me this chance, and that it all happened thanks to this blog I’ve enjoyed maintaining so much for the past few years!

I hope you’ll like the interview and that you’ll find it interesting. Feel free to react either on this blog post or on my LinkedIn 🙂

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