3 new musical covers

To change a bit from the science and psychology articles I’ve posted lately, here are some new musical covers with guitars, drums, vocals, bass and piano.

As in previous music articles, each cover as a unique morse-code style artwork to go with it. Hopefully you’ll like the music and the images 😉

That's Life (Cover)

Frank Sinatra - That's Life, 1966

That That

Moonriver (Cover)

Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961

Moonriver (Cover) Moonriver (Cover)

A Hard Day's Night (Cover)

The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night, 1964

A Hard Day A Hard Day

2 thoughts on “3 new musical covers”

  1. Je m’aperçois que la seule version de “that’s life” que je connaissais était celle de David Lee Roth.
    Très chouettes covers. :^*

    1. Huhu, eh oui, les covers, ça crée des myriades de versions variées à partir d’une origine parfois mystérieuse… c’est la beauté de l’héritage culturel, je suppose 🙂 merci beaucoup pour ton gentil commentaire !

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