A little game: “What The Cut?”

Lately, I’ve been diving back into Unity and video game programming. Among various little projects, I made a simple 2D puzzle game called What The Cut?.

Edit (Jan. 2020): What The Cut? is now written in HTML/CSS/Javascript (with a bit of jQuery and Lodash) – it makes for way better performance! There are still some bugs, however, that I haven’t yet had time to fix… 🙁

How to play?

In What The Cut?, the goal is to gradually split a board in colored cells while making sure that no adjacent cells have the same color. Originally, the idea came from Voronoi diagrams that are a specific partition of space with interesting properties, often used in science or art. They are tightly linked to Delaunay triangulations since the Voronoi diagram of a set of points is dual to its Delaunay triangulation.

Throughout a game of What The Cut?, you place a new point each turn to create a new cut on the board and split a cell into two. The newly created cell will be filled with the current color turn, shown before you perform your click in the top right corner of the screen. This color is picked at random from the palette and it usually changes each turn… but since it is chosen randomly, it can be the same several turns in a row (up to 3 times). The palette depends on the level of difficulty:

1. easy mode: all the colors are clearly distinguishable
2. medium mode: most of the colors are very different, but some can be mixed up if you’re not careful
3. hard mode: the colors are all in a limited color range and only the lightness or saturation varies

Each time you create a new cell, you earn 1 point.

Here is a screenshot of the board during a game; in the right panel, we see from top to bottom: the current color to place on the board, the level of difficulty, the current score and the palette of possible colors.

Small Let’s Play!

If you want to see an example game (at high speed), take a look at this short video:

Play What The Cut?

To play What The Cut?, you can go over to this link.

Note: this game is – sadly- not available for smartphones because the controls on a mobile don’t allow for a distinction between mouse move and mouse click… so I haven’t yet figured out a way to have the player “prepare” the cut without truly “executing” it on a mobile.

Here is some additional info and a quick recap of the rules:

  • you do one cut per turn; it will be along the line that is displayed while you move your mouse and will be actually taken into account once you’ve clicked
  • every new point on the board awards you 1 point
  • two cells are said to be adjacent if they share either an edge or part of an edge
  • if two adjacent cells are filled with the same color, it is game over
  • but you can have a single vertex of a cell touch the edge of a cell of the same color
  • there is a little snap mechanism: if either end of your cut line is close enough to an already created node, this end will be automatically moved to the exact position of this node
  • every time you’ve gained 100 new points, the board zooms out to allow you to place even more dots and keep on playing! (edit Jan. 2020: removed in the JS version – points are now smaller from the very beginning!)

I really hope you’ll like this little puzzle game – and please feel free to send me any feedback either by email, or by commenting on the website or my LinkedIn! By the way, my personal highscore in medium mode is 333 points… what’s yours? 🙂

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