A few original songs!

These past few months, I’ve put some covers on my blog – but this time, here are some originals I’ve recorded recently! Those are instrumentals and I tried to play around with various musical genres: rock, blues, bossa nova…

As usual, I’ve also made some artworks to represent each song. There is no morse code but simply very geometric and basic visuals of what these titles inspire me.

There are more to come next month, so if you enjoyed it, stay tuned for the next music article!

The Hothead (Cover)

Mina Pêcheux - Stories, 2019

The Hothead (Cover) The Hothead (Cover)

The Drinker (Cover)

Mina Pêcheux - Stories, 2019

The Drinker (Cover) The Drinker (Cover)

The Dreamer (Cover)

Mina Pêcheux - Stories, 2019

The Dreamer (Cover) The Dreamer (Cover)

The Relaxed (Cover)

Mina Pêcheux - Stories, 2019

The Relaxed (Cover) The Relaxed (Cover)

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