3 new videos with Cali Rezo

To change a bit from the scientific topics I talked about in my last articles,  today’s short post is about a new video collaboration I did with the artist Cali Rezo.

Last month, we realized 3 videos to present a set of models she has created called “Upside Down”. This series focuses on our perception of reality and these models are actually meant to be real-size art installation. Full details about the project are on Cali’s website.

The idea was to have short videos (about 30′) to give a sneak peek of the objects and to try and immerse the viewer as he would be in a real museum room.

As always, it was a great opportunity to learn more about filming, video editing and sound design, since Cali was also keen on finding just the right backtrack for the videos in order to make a complete experience!

Quick note: we made sure to use free sounds under the CC0 License – because just as with images, software or texts, copyrights apply to music and sounds!

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