A new video collaboration with Cali Rezo

A few months ago, I collaborated with the abstract painter Cali Rezo on a 1′ video that showed her Live Painting session at the Paul Stewart Gallery. It was a very interesting project that taught me a lot about video editing and I wanted to keep on learning about this media.

So, we decided we would do another video to show Cali’s work. I had the chance to be around the artist for several days and therefore got footage for different steps of her working process. In the end, we made a new 1′ video dedicated to her last diptych:

Then, we got another idea: what if we did something a little less ‘serious’ and mimicked those blockbustery trailers we’ve seen so much of these last years? After studying a bit the TV spots of superheroes movies, or Nolan’s films, Cali and I gathered some common ideas to feed our parodic trailer. We had a lot of fun exaggerating the noticeable features of blockbuster trailers, I hope you’ll enjoy it (mind the sound, like every good trailer, it gets louder after a few seconds):

The music was made thanks to the incredible Jukedeck AI. This British company has developed a fascinating artificial intelligence capable of producing great music such as this one (randomly called ‘Abiding Fiction’ by the generator, by the way). Personally, I believe it’s got a real human feel and I am still amazed a machine made this music for our trailer.

If you want to see more of Cali’s paintings, glance at her studio and watch other small videos of her at work, check out her Instagram!

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