Cali Rezo’s live painting

Last April, the great abstract painter Cali Rezo did an exhibit in Paris during two weeks. The whole event was hosted by the Paul Stewart Gallery and it showed numerous paintings, sketchbooks  and collages. At the end of the two-weeks exhibition, she organized a live painting where she realized three unique pieces in front of the audience.

For several years now, Cali Rezo has radically switched from digital painting to abstract painting. She is developing her own universe, inspired by nature as well as other artists she admires (Fabienne Verdier, Pierre Soulages, André Marfaing) and has decided to focus on monochrome black and whites. She studies both the sign – she is fascinated by calligraphy and alphabets – and the textures as is clearly demonstrated with her carefully prepared paintings’ backgrounds: just look at the piece featured at the top of this article!

It was very interesting to see her at work and the people who were there really enjoyed it. So, to allow the ones who couldn’t attend to get a peek at her tools and her moves, I put together a 1′ video to sum up the afternoon – Cali and I think it is a good reminder of this moment. I hope you’ll enjoy it and it will make you want to visit her website to see more…

This video was realized from different footages taken by our friend artist Hubert de Lartigue and myself. I then chose what shots to keep,  wrote a global storyline and edited the clips. The goal was to realize a short video – about a minute.

After discussing it with Cali to determine precisely what feeling she wanted to give viewers, I also composed a simple background music for the video. The idea was to have something as minimalist as possible while blending together the different parts of the clip.

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    1. Ça me fait bien plaisir que tu aimes 🙂
      Eh oui, que veux-tu, Cali a fini par me convaincre de composer un truc original !

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